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Bznuni Realty Group has managed to become one of the most trusted real estate companies among families in the Los Angeles area. Working since 2004 we specialize in Residential, Commercial, Bank Owned, Short Sale and Foreclosed properties. Bznuni Realty Group is a professional Real Estate company with the reputation of a prestigious and rapidly growing enterprise that strives for excellence in providing expert and unique customer service. Choosing the company name was a pleasure for siblings Henri and Iren Bznuni. Their last name Bznuni has a lot of pride and history behind it, and the goal was to proudly continue incorporating the name in creating Real Estate Group with future expansion into a worldwide brand. Ranking highly in sales statistics in Los Angeles Real Estate, we believe that being number one is not about high volume of sales, it’s about providing the best possible service for our clients. We concentrate on providing our clients with accurate information and exceptional step by step guidance. With an extensive experience in handling challenging real estate transactions, as well as resolving serious buyer and seller issues, this can save clients thousands of dollars and legal troubles.

Our experience with handling the purchase and sales of luxury real estate, plus the expertise and talent of our associate real estate agents proves service that is unparalleled in the Los Angeles Luxury real estate market.

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